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Thanks for visiting my blog! I do things a bit differently these days. While I do have a photography business, that is only part of what I do. This is my little space online where I started documenting my life, thoughts and work a few years ago. I used to keep it all separated for fear that if my clients knew the real me, maybe they wouldn’t like me and that is just silly. After several epiphanies, I realized it just made sense for all my work to be here. This is me, all of me, living my life as a wholehearted person.

Here are some simple tips for navigating the various parts of this blog:

To get to the actual posts, click the link at the top of this page.

Visiting from Striped Socks Photography and looking for sessions? They are here.

Looking for thoughts on my artwork? Try this.

I’ve written extensively about my journey with depression and have tried to keep it together. Here’s most of it.

The rest is just a hodgepodge of my life and stuff. Scroll to the bottom of the blog for all the categories and such. Also down there are links to my other places online. Most of my work is very interconnected and so there is photography and painting and thoughts on living life to the fullest everywhere.

I love to connect. And I love that you’ve taken the time to read this.

Carry on with your awesome day.



12 thoughts on “oh, hey!

  1. Love your pictures. Great idea. Thanks for sharing your soul.
    I am trying to subscribe from my phone and I couldn’t figure out how. This is the next best way I suppose.

  2. Thank you for the follow. I truly appreciate any time ANYONE reads my stuff. I will now read yours and follow. Thanks for sharing. Jen

  3. Dude! I love reading you’re blog (really cute love story by the way!). I mean I just joined wordpress. I would highly appreciated if you could give me some tips on making my blog better (if you want). But I like what you’re writing! Keep it up <3

    • thanks. i’m not a great one to ask about blogging better since i seem to break all the rules all the time. I just write what I want and if people read it, great. If not, I have myself to satisfy.

    • thank you so much!! I’m partial to London and England in general. If for no other reason than I want to visit there so badly!

      On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 8:48 AM, carrieblueberry wrote:


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