the Bones


I’m so glad you’re here. Like, really glad. We live in an amazing time full of wonder and change. It can wring us out, wear us down, all while giving us the most profound hope we’ve ever felt. Humanity is changing, as it does, but my belief (and many others) is that this is an increased time of evolving, moving out of a time of harshness into one of love. Which begins with ourselves.

I began to wake up to my healing gifts as a child. But I didn’t know it then. All I knew was water, rocks, dirt, trees, fairies, dreams and most importantly, the magic that makes up the fabric of this world. I’ve almost died a few times along the way. I’ve had chronic physical and mental illness my whole life. I started healing from that in 2011 and ever since then, nothing short of miraculous events have happened. Most of which are documented in my blog.

What I wanted to tell you in this space is what you can find here. Through some very deep soul searching over a year or so, I was shown over and over by the spirit world (and the human world) that I am a hollow bone or a channel, for energy to come through me to you. I didn’t believe it myself until I started taking risks and working with people who resonated with me. For me, it’s simply an earth based path of healing, with a twist of magical alchemy. A connection between myself and the natural world and a holy fire to bring empowerment to others by sharing my own experience.  In truth, I am not sure how I do what I do. I just know it’s fucking powerful.

That happens in a variety of ways for me. Art, photography, writing, remote  healing work. If there’s anything that makes me feel alive, it’s to serve people with the spark that has been given to me. I have no diploma, no credentials. I’ve taken no classes or seminars, nor have I studied under any great masters. All those things would’ve been nice, but it seems my path will be one of simply getting what I need from the Universe. Every time I’ve needed it, the right books, or human teachers or life lessons have come to me easily. They encourage me always to go within and to be something new. To show people what is possible with everything I do. I do have a whole cauldron of wonderful testimonials, some of which I will share at the bottom of this page.

So, yes. I’m so glad you’re here. Because if you are, then there’s a reason. There are no accidents and I hope you’ll take some time to look around.

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In addition to these things, I am in a phase where I am really just open to whatever the universe has for me.

much love xo

what others are saying:

about the energy work: 

“This reading was an incredibly insightful, mind shifting and heart opening experience.. Carrie has an energy in what she gives that is so palpable I felt it for days afterwards. The way she weaves her imagery into words for you is breathtaking, and something I will be re-reading and drawing insight and meaning from for a long long time to come.” -coolio88 from Etsy

“Carrie is an amazing intuitive healer. She succinctly described her journey & it resonated so much with me. I have been sitting with her message for about a week. On the surface it all made sense. As time has passed, I’ve felt an intense healing & lifting energy from this journey & reading. I’ve also come to understand deeper, unlocked meanings within her message. Carrie’s gifts are magickal, divinely inspired channeling straight from Source.” -Heather P.

“I don’t even know where to start. I am overwhelmingly honored to have had Carrie journey for me and I am still so amazed with her abilities, her insights, her knowledge and motivation to see myself clearly. She truly is a conduit of which everything she wrote resonates with me as well as things waiting to unfold. Please do yourself a favor and don’t question if you should do this. I am absolutely grateful I did!” -Jaime

about i am you:

“I love Carrie Hilgert’s work, and not just because I feel like her name is some mad-libs version of my own name, all twisted around. I love her for her art and poetry and photography and her courage and her vulnerability and her do-it-yourself creative ethic, and for her giraffe-like sensibilities. (It’s difficult to explain what “giraffe-like sensibilities” means, but if you read her book, you’ll get it.)

I love Carrie’s work, because in it, she shows that she is both one of us, and something all her own.
Then again, we are all “one of us” and “something all our own”, aren’t we? Carrie knows this, and she draws and writes and creates all about it beautifully.
I think that many of you will find yourself reflected in Carrie’s book, which is called “i am you”…because she really is. And we are.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

“Carrie’s collection of words and art fuses together into a beautiful kaleidoscope of the human and ethereal in all of us. <3” -Sarah

“The stories of the soul that creeped across the page and echoed my own stories. The affirmation. The encouragement. The vulnerability and courage of these words, this artwork — see, I cannot form sentences describing how sacred this offering is. It felt like that, like an offering, from one creative making her way to another creative making her way. I have read it twice and now it is time to be in conversation with it. Only the best books demand my interaction. This is one of the best.” -Cynthia, about i am you

and as a bonus, here’s a video where I read a little of my book to you. 🙂